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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent






  Alvin Henry [385]C born 22 Apr 1866, Deanshanger Northants UK
  Arthur George [387]C born 23 Sep 1872, Deanshanger Northants UK died 1949, Towcester Northants
  Bernice Lily Rose [52]C born 20 Nov 1899, Deanshanger, Bucks UK died 2 Sep 1963, Northampton UK
  Charles [384]C born 8 Jan 1862, Deanshanger Northants UK died 14 Sep 1920
  Charlotte [381]C born 3 Aug 1856, Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire
  Clara Elizabeth [388]C born 28 Nov 1874, Deanshanger Northants UK died 4 Sep 1952
  Eden John Thomas [425]C born 23 May 1868, Deanshanger Northants UK died 6 Oct 1943, Deanshanger Northants UK
  Edon John Thomas [54]C born 11 Aug 1889, Deanshanger, Bucks UK died 27 Mar 1958, Deanshanger Northants UK
  Ellen Edith [55]C born 1889
  Evelyn Mary [20]C born 7 Sep 1912, Deanshanger, Northants UK died 23 Dec 2000, Northampton UK
  Frederick [386]C born 20 Aug 1870, Deanshanger Northants UK
  George [343]P born 8 May 1802, Wicken Northants UK died Mar 1885
  George Bignal [102]S,P born 21 Feb 1837, Wicken Northants UK died 25 Aug 1883, Pottersbury Northants UK
  George Harry [53]C born 24 Apr 1887 died 27 Mar 1958
  Jeanette Annie [19]S,C,P born 3 Nov 1892, Deanshanger, Northamptonshire, UK died 28 Mar 1963, Deanshanger, Northamptonshire, UK bur. Deanshanger, Northamptonshire, UK
  Joseph Henson [50]S,C,P born 4 Jun 1865, Deanshanger, Bucks UK died 10 May 1934, Deanshanger, Bucks UK
  Sarah [383]C born 9 Feb 1860, Deanshanger Northants UK died 18 Apr 1940, Deanshanger Northants UK
  William [382]C born 19 Apr 1858, Deanshanger Northants UK died 1938
  Sarah [160]P born 1789, Sutton Benger, Wiltshire, England
  Frederick W . [357]C born 1877, Great Washbourne, Gloucestershire
  Sarah Ann [10]S,C,P born 1847, Great Washbourne, Gloucestershire
  William [424]P
  Mary [421]C born 1843
  Michael [98]S,P born 1814, Grafton, Gloucestershire
  Albert William [6]S,C,P born 6 Sep 1880, Kemerton, Gloucestershire, England died 25 Jun 1938, Bredon Worc UK
  Alice Gertrude [27]C born 22 Feb 1916, Tewkesbury UK died Nov 2006, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
  Ann [578]C born Mar 1855, Didbrook, Gloucestershire, England
  Edward [220]C born 1857, Didbrook, Gloucestershire, England died 1928
  Edward [225]P born Mar 1786, Great Risington, Gloucestershire, England died Jun 1853, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England
  Elizabeth [577]C born Jun 1853, Hailes, Gloucestershire
  Emily [224]C born 1868, Didbrook, Gloucestershire, England
  Hugh Bert [2]S,C,P born 4 Jun 1918, Bredon Worc UK died 11 Aug 1968, Burton-On -Trent bur. Deanshanger, Bucks UK
  James [221]C born 1859, Didbrook, Gloucestershire, England died Oct 1880, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, United Kingdom
  James [363]C born 9 Nov 1881, Kemerton, Gloucestershire died 19 Dec 1952, Bath UK
  James William [13]C born 18 Apr 1910, Bredon Worc UK died Jan 1991, Bredon Worc UK
  John [217]S,P born 1 Sep 1822, Sherbourne Gloscestershire died Apr 1878, Winchcombe, Glos. UK
  John [223]C born 2 Apr 1864, Didbrook, Gloucestershire, UK
  Kenneth William [1]C born 22 Sep 1947, Deanshanger, Bucks UK
  Margaret Annie [12]C born 21 Mar 1909, kemerton Gloucestershire UK died Dec 1990, Tewkesbury, England (in Cheltenham)
  Margery [222]C born Mar 1862, Didbrook, Gloucestershire, England died 1900, Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom
  Maurice John [5]C born 10 Mar 1940, Deanshanger, Northamptonshire, UK died 23 Nov 1991 bur. Yeovil Somerset UK
  Roger Albert [4]C born 20 Dec 1938, Deanshanger, Northamptonshire, UK
  Vincent Albert [26]C born 11 Sep 1914, Bredon Worc UK died 8 Jun 1999, Sedgeborough Glos UK
  William [11]S,C,P born 22 Nov 1851, Sudely, Gloucestershire, England died Jun 1908, Tewkesbury, Glos

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